Is your child having difficulty in school? Are the areas of reading, writing, and spelling a continual struggle? Are you struggling to understand what is wrong or how to help? Do you have concerns that your child may have dyslexia or other reading or processing deficits?

Hoover Learning Group offers individual assessment services in the areas of:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Phonological Processing
  • Interpretation of Outside Evaluations with Application

Upon completion and interpretation of the assessment, we share the results and recommendations with you during a parent feedback conference, as well as in a copy of the written report. This information will help with educational planning, understanding your child's learning profile, determining the most effective types of instruction for remediation, and assessing which accommodations can improve academic success. We provide the knowledge and support you need, and will meet with you and school personnel to acquire resources and facilitate options available to your child during the regular school day.

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