Learning how to learn….

In today’s modern world, students are constantly exposed to large volumes of information. However, many students lack the cognitive skills required to process and apply information effectively. According to the Feuerstein Institute, students who utilize the FIE Method learn the important and often overlooked skill of learning how to learn. This unique educational technique combines specially designed instruments and strategies to identify and enhance an individual’s learning potential by enabling him or her to develop a structured approach to organizing, processing, analyzing, and applying information. As a result, the learner gains the knowledge and tools required to reach beyond their abilities.

This FIE cognitive enrichment course is beneficial for all ages and abilities and has been particularly beneficial in helping students enhance or address issues associated with the following:

  • Organizational Skills
  • Dyslexia
  • ADHD
  • Math
  • Test Anxiety
  • Social and Behavioral Issues
  • Confidence and Independence

The Feuerstein Instrumental Enrichment Method was created by Reuven Feuerstein over 40 years ago and is utilized in over forty countries around the world in a variety of settings. Through this unique learning experience, students are taught systematic thinking and learning skills and are better prepared to navigate the dynamic and ever-changing world around them.

Adapted from Feuerstein Institute Website